Frequently Asked Questions

UpdatedFriday June 3, 2022 byBrookwood Football Association.


Q: How do I register?
A: On-line Registration opens March 12th at 10:00 AM online and in person. We encourage everyone to register online. See Home Page for Walk-Up Registration dates and details.  Registration closes at 2:00 PM on June 11, 2022 unless there are available spots.

All players need three things before the season begins; birth certificate, GFL Code of Conduct Form, and GFL Physical. If you played in 2021, BFA has your birth certificate on file. New players need to provide BFA with their original, raised seal birth certificate. The GFL Code of Conduct will be available at any walk up registration, Physicals/Uniform Fittings, and Evaluations. The GFL Code of Conduct Form is not available online.  These three items must be collected no later than June 11th, 2022, the first night of evaluations.

Q: What is the cost and what is included?
A: Registration cost is $325.00. This includes: Spirit money used by team during the season, game day uniform consisting of two jerseys (home & away) and pants, supplemental insurance, GFL league fees, BHS youth night ticket, and Corky Kell ticket.  The fee also makes it possible for the association to purchase equipment like practice dummies, footballs, etc as well as incidental expenses the associaion incurs such as utility bills. 

Q: Is there a discount for multiple children?
A: Yes. If there are three or more participants per family, BFA offers a discount. Please email registration@bfabroncos.com for the discount code.

Q: What age group will my child play?
A: The Gwinnett Football League is age based football. Playing age is based on the child’s age as of and including September 1st. All players must be 6 years old on or before 9/1/22 to be eligible to play at BFA.  8th Grade football is for players enrolled in 8th grade for 202 and players age 13 as of & including 9/1/21 through age 15 as of & including 12/31/22. It is possible for a player to play 2 years at the 8th grade level based on their age and grade.

Q: Do I have to attend both days of Evaluations?
A: Yes, it is a GFL requirement that all players attend both days of Evaluations for ages fielding multiple teams. (Player should wear t-shirt, shorts, and cleats and bring a water bottle). Players who do not attend both evaluation days are ineligle for the draft and will be "hat picks". 

Q: What will I need to purchase as a first year player?
A: All players need:

  •  Vegas football helmet with cardinal or grey mask and chin strap. (Mouth piece will be provided, but may purchase your own). Mouthpieces must have a strap and can’t be clear or the same color as the face mask.
  •  Shoulder pads. Please be fitted properly! If you are unsure, please do not remove the tags from your pads and bring them to uniform fittings. BFA has partnered with BSN Sports and will offer a shoulder pad/hemet fittings and packages. Please check website for dates and times.
  •  Practice pants with pads and practice jersey. 
  •  Football cleats
  •  Girdle and knee pads
  •  Average cost for new equipment is about $200.00 at your local sport store based on brands purchased. 

Q: What about physicals?
A: Parents are responsible for obtaining a physical for their child.   2022 GFL Physicals.

If you cannot attend physicals or prefer to have a physical performed by your own Provider it is at your cost. You need to print the GFL physical form from this website and have your Provider complete it fully. All physicals must be the original and include the original signature. GFL will not accept copies, faxes, PDF’s, e-signatures or stamped signatures.  The signature should include the provider credentials. GFL requires physicals be completed by MD, DO, PA, or NP’s only. Physical Forms must be completed and submitted to BFA before child can participate in any capacity.

Q: When does my player pick his jersey number and get sized for a jersey?

A: BFA allows players 6-12 years old to pick their jersey numbers based on preference, not position. Once a player is given a number, that number becomes theirs as long as they play consecutively at BFA. BFA highly discourages players from switching jersey numbers. Requests for jersey changes can be made by emailing registration@bfabroncos.com and are at the sole discrestion of the Registration Committee. BFA offers numbers 2-99 once per age group. 8th grade players are assigned numbers by the Head Coach.

Returning BFA players can select their jersey size during online registration. If a jersey size is selected during registration it can not be changed! **If your sizes are not on file by June 15, 2022, we cannot guarantee your uniform will be ready by Jamboree.**

Q: How many days a week do the teams practice?
A: For the first two weeks of practice, all teams practice five days a week (Monday – Friday) for two hours each day. After the first two weeks of practice, starting on August 3rd, 7-12yo teams practice three days a week (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday), 6/7yo practice 3 days a week for one hour and 30 minutes, 8th grade practices for two hours (Monday-Thursday, varies).  

Q: When and where are the games played?
A: All games are played on Saturdays with an extremely rare make up game scheduled on Sunday afternoon. Games are played at parks throughout Gwinnett County with our home field located at Bethesda Park (Bronco Field). GFL schedules all games and typically publishes the schedule after the Jamboree. We do play games on Labor Day weekend.

Q: What should my child do to prepare for the first day of practice?
A: Get outdoors and run/condition/play as much as possible throughout the summer. Drink lots of water daily! No carbonated drinks, sport drinks, or energy drinks. Eat healthy foods including fruits and vegetables. Have your player get comfortable wearing and removing their helmet; a little bit every day make a big difference!

Check our website for Summer Camps, including the Brookwood High School Bronco Football Camp led by Head Coach Phillip Jones and BFA’s Free Speed & Agility Camp.


What are the age requirements to cheer?  

Cheerleading squads are divided into groups by grade, for grades 1st though 8th grade. 1st and 2nd grade are combined. Kindergardeners can be placed on a squad as a mascot. 

All cheerleaders must cheer for the grade level she will be entering in the fall of the season for which she is registering, per Gwinnett Football League rules.  Mascots must be in kindergarten in the fall of the current season. Typically mascots are placed with the 1st/2nd grade squad unless a different squad is requested. 

How much does it cost? 

Registration for 2022 is $325.00. The fee included "Spirit Money" that goes directly back to the squad, cheer camp, camp outfit, game day bow,  BHS youth night ticket, cheer off entry, trophy, league fees, and supplemental insurance. The additional required costs are $230 for a game day uniform package (including poms). Optional expenses include a warm up jacket, warm up pants, pom bag and rain poncho. *Used uniform pieces will be available for purchase this year*

How many days a week do the squads practice, and for how long? 

The first official week of practice is Cheer Camp, which is generally two weeks prior to school starting. Cheer Camp is held at Brookwood High School, Monday through Friday 6pm-8pm. During camp, the BFA cheerleaders will work with the Brookwood High School cheerleaders, and learn their halftime routine, sideline cheers, jumps, and stunts (depending on the age group). 

After cheer camp, regular practice schedule will be determined by the head coach of each squad. 

No team shall practice more than three days per week after school opening and such practice is limited to 1 ½ hours per session for 1st through 7th grade.  8th grade practice will be limited to two hours per session after school opening.  

Practices are generally scheduled between the hours of 6:00 PM through 8:30 PM, usually on Monday, Tuesday, and/or Thursday nights. This is determined by the individual squad’s head coach.

For the weeks in August, squads will attend choreography sessions to learn their Cheer off routine. This will count as one of their practice days. Schedule will be arranged by the head coach.  

No Sunday practices are allowed. 

What happens if my child misses a practice? 

It is up to the individual squad and the head coach to outline the policy regarding excused/unexcused absences.  This is normally communicated at the beginning of the season.

When are games played?

Games are played on Saturdays throughout Gwinnett County.  

Is there an admission price to the games?

Yes – the admission is $5 for adults and $1 for students.

Do I have to be present at all practices and games?

YES!  Parents may NOT drop off their children for practices or games.  If you cannot remain at a practice or game with your child, you must make arrangements for another parent to be responsible for your child for the duration of that practice or game. 

Am I required to volunteer for any duties?

Since BFA is a recreational sports league run by parent volunteers, we rely on parents to be coaches, assistant coaches, team moms and to help with other miscellaneous needs that arise during the season.  As such, if we do not get the required volunteers for each grade level, we cannot field a squad. Please email Jeni Greene at cheer.director@bfabroncos.com if you are interested in volunteering.

Will there by any additional costs during the season, not including the registration and uniform fee?

Yes, there are generally some additional costs that arise during the season and each team will particpate in some type of fundraising.

 What is Cheer Off?

Cheer Off is a competition held toward the end of the regular season each year.  It is sponsored by our governing body, the Gwinnett Football League, and consists of squads from all of the member associations in Gwinnett county.  It is similar to a competitive cheer competition.

What is Cheer Camp?

Cheer camp is mandatory for all cheerleaders.  It is hosted by the Brookwood High School Cheerleaders, and is when we learn halftime routines, cheers, chants, jumps, etc. that we will use throughout the season.