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Updated Monday January 22, 2018 by Brookwood Broncos Football Association.

2018 Football and Cheerleading Registration opens Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 10:00 AM.

2018 Cheer Registration Fee: $295. Optional purchase prices are still being updated. Optional purchases include a pom duffle for $15, a rain ponco for $10 warm up suit for $85, or a hoodie for $30. The minimum total cost for cheerleading is $460 (registration and required uniform pieces),  the maximun total cost is $565 (registration, required pieces and all optional pieces).

2018 Football Registration Fee: $295 for Football Players. Football players will have additional equipment costs for cleats, helmet, shoulder pads, girdle, knee pads, etc averaging $200-300.

Please register using the link on the BFA homepage by clicking on the green banner that reads "Registration Now Open Click here to Register". If you played for BFA in 2017 you will log in using your email and password. If you are new to BFA you will need to create an account. Once you are logged in, please follow the prompts. 

To take advantage of BFA's payment plan you must COMPLETE your registration by April 15, 2018.