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Updated Monday August 7, 2017 by Brookwood Broncos Football Association.

Gwinnett Football League Supplemental Insurance Claim Form

Berkley Accident and Health

Policyholder: Gwinnett Football League
Policy Number: PAI L0140010679

Important Information: All bills should be paid BEFORE this claim is submitted. Include copies of all bills with this claim form. Please see attached Berkley Claim form for additional information.

Questions: Contact the claims office. Their number is 1(610) 933-0800.

BFA By-Laws.pdf
BFA Rules FINAL.pdf
Berkley Claim Form- GFL[1778].pdf
2017 BFA Background Screening Policy.pdf
2017 Scholarship Application Athletics.doc
2017 Gwinnett Co Youth Athletic Association Scholarship Guidelines.doc
2017 Incident Report.docx
2017 GFL Physical Form