Picture Day!!

Updated Tuesday August 6, 2019 by Maria Espinal.

Hello Bronco family, below I will list the schedule for picture day this Sunday, August 11th.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. Email- registration@bfabroncos.com

Please arrive 15 minutes before to prepare and fill out forms.

1:00pm- 1st & 2nd grade cheer

1:15pm- 6/7u football

1:45pm- 3rd grade cheer

2:00pm- 8u football

2:30pm- 4th grade cheer

2:45pm- 9u football

3:15pm- 10u football

3:20pm- 5th grade cheer

4:00pm- 11u football

4:10pm- 6th grade cheer

4:50pm- 12u grade football

5:00pm- 7th grade football

5:30pm- 8th grade football

5:40pm- 8th grade cheer