2021 BFA Board Contacts

UpdatedMonday March 8, 2021 byBFA Board.

 President  Michael Shaffer  president@bfabroncos.com
 Vice President Keith Oldknow  vice.president@bfabroncos.com
 Secretary  Verouschka Whigham  secretary@bfabroncos.com
 Treasurer  Janessa McNeely  treasurer@bfabroncos.com
 Cheer Director  Jeni Greene  cheer.director@bfabroncos.com
 Football Director  Chris DeFreitas  football.director@bfabroncos.com
 Sponsorship  Open  sponsorship@bfabroncos.com


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2020 BFA Board Members:

Warren Biddings

Wendy Blount

Pondosa Butler

Keenan Ford

Chris De Freitas

Jeni Greene

Ingrid James

Becky Layson

Jon Leslie

Janessa McNeely

Harrington Muhammad

Keith Oldknow

Ty Papadatos

Emily Peltier

Andreu Pfister

Rob Sanjurjo

Michael Shaffer

Geoffrey Sharp

Verouschka Whigham

Cynthia Williams

If you are interested in becoming a BFA Board Member, please see the Volunteer link.