Helmet Bleaching Instructions

UpdatedTuesday August 6, 2019 byMaria Espinal .

For those of us with helmets that previously had the Bronco decals, you can bleach the yellow - UV damage away.  Here are the instructions. Please make sure you wear gloves if you attempt to do this.  The solution did not harm the new decals on the helmet but don't cover the decals with the solution. 

Step 1: Ingredients
Paint brush
Mixer or blender
Latex or nitrile gloves
4 oz Bottle 40 Volume Cream Peroxide Developer (Beauty Supply Store)
½ Tablespoon Xantham Gum (Baking Additive)
¼ Teaspoon glycerin (Pharmacy)
1/32 Teaspoon Oxyclean
Mix Peroxide and xantham gum in the mixer or blender for several seconds on high. Add glycerin and blend for an additional several seconds on high. Let the mixture sit for 5 minutes and add the oxyclean and mix again for several seconds.

Step 2: Application
(While wearing gloves) Use an old paintbrush and spread over yellowed areas evenly. Avoid getting on the facemask. It won’t degrade any decals or their adhesive, but I avoided spreading over them. Then sit helmet in direct sunlight for several hours. You’ll want to rotate the helmet to cover all areas that have yellowed. Even though the sunlight caused the yellowing, it is the key step in whitening the helmet. The longer you leave it out, the better it whitens. You can further spread the mixture over helmet to thin out any clumps or add additional amounts of the mixture after being in the sun.

Step 3: Clean up
Rinse off and use any dish soap to remove what remains, and rinse off soap. Any left over adhesive or paint from prior use can be buffed out with a wet magic eraser as needed.