GFL Partnership with Xenith

Updated Monday March 19, 2018 by Brookwood Football Association.

Dear GFL Parent:

The Gwinnett Football League is committed to ensuring the good health, safety, and well-being of every athlete in each association. We have therefore partnered with XENITH FOOTBALL EQUIPMENT to offer our youth football players DISCOUNTED PRICING on equipment for the upcoming season!

Not all football equipment is equal! Please view the links below to see why XENITH football equipment performs and is rated amongst the best!!!

Below is the 2018 GFL pricing:

All Xenith Helmets are 5-star rated!!!

Pricing: X2E Youth Helmets - REGULAR PRICE $199... GFL PRICE $115 ($84 discount)

            Epic Youth Helmets - REGULAR PRICE $284... GFL PRICE $150 ($134 discount)

Fly Shoulder Pads: $75 ($94 discount )

Flyte Shoulder Pads : $60 ($49 discount)


Our pricing is a flat rate. We don’t add costs for chin strap, snap buckles and clips like everyone else. What’s not included is facemask and bonnet. Shell is covered through the warranty.


Xenith helmet impact testing video:

NFL Testing for 2017: Note the helmets that tested better than ours are in the $950 price range.

To order: please see the flyer


For more information and all other questions, please contact:

Kip Lewis | Director of Business Development – Football

M 857-257-9646